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National Confederate Rally
What is the NCR


A common misconception people have, is they think the NCR is one rally, its not. The NCR is a group of rallies put together by various people that will be held June 19, 2004 the purpose is to show a united front. Some rallies will have 15 show up others may have 1,500 the point is to have as many large and small rallies as possible all a cross the South with media coverage to show America the Stars and Bars still fly.
You may think that this is'nt going to do anything. Well your wrong.
What this will do is show people that we are serious about defending our heritage and we're not going to be chased away by a bunch of NAACP US Government bleeding heart liberals.If we show them that we are'nt going anywere then we will begin to go on the offensive and they will be on the defensive.
One rally here and there is not going to make a National statement all it will do is pin point an area for our enimies to attack. If we have multiple rallies all across the South it will send a clear message that we mean business.

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